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Thermally stable metal ruthenate based soot oxidation catalyst for diesel exhaust emission control

Lanthanum ruthenate materials with perovskite type structure can be easily synthesized with ruthenium in 4+ oxidation state. La3.5Ru4.0O13 type perovskite has been synthesized in unsupported and supported forms by using various methods. This perovskite type La3.5Ru4.0O13 phase shows high thermal stability and can therefore be used as a catalyst for high temperature applications, including those for auto-exhaust emission control. The material shows good catalytic activity for the carbon/soot oxidation in view of its possible application in diesel soot oxidation for regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter.

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  • soot oxidation
  • perovskite
  • ruthenium
  • diesel emissions
  • DPF