Ruthenium (II) β-diketimine as hydroamination catalyst, crystal structure and DFT computations


A new half-sandwich ruthenium (II) complex containing β-diketiminate ligand has been synthesized and used for hydroamination of acrylonitrile with aromatic and aliphatic amines. The catalytic activity of prepared complex was compared with a series of ruthenium complexes of β-diketiminate ligands, and the effect of electronic and steric properties of these ligands on catalytic activity of their complexes was investigated. Replacement of H atom in α position of β-diketiminate with (CF3) as an electron-withdrawing group leads to decreasing the reaction yield, and on the other hand, electron-donating group (CH3) has the opposite effect. In addition, crystal structure of [Ru(p-cymen)Cl(LH,Cl)] was determined by single X-ray crystallography. Hirshfeld surface analysis has been performed to determine the dominate interactions in molecular crystal. Furthermore, density functional, QTAIM and energy calculations have been carried out, to get the detailed insight into electronic and bonding characteristics of titled compound.

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