Insight into new mono- and tri-nuclear nickel(II)-based complexes supported by structural variation of salamo-like ligands


New mono- and tri-nuclear Ni(II)-based complexes, [Ni(L1)2] (1) and [{Ni(L2)(DMF)(μ-OAc)}2Ni]·2EtOH·2CH2Cl2 (2), supported by half-salamo- and salamo-like ligands HL1 and H2L2 have been synthesized, respectively. Single-crystal X-ray structural analyses revealed that the Ni(II) atom in the mono-nuclear complex 1 is six-coordinate and the coordination geometry is octahedral. The complex 2 is a tri-nuclear structure, and the three six-coordinate Ni(II) atoms have octahedral geometries. In addition, UV–Vis titration experiments of the two salamo-like ligands with Ni(OAc)2·4H2O in ethanol showed iso-absorption points between 250 and 350 nm, conforming the coordination of HL1 and H2L2 with Ni(OAc)2·4H2O. The fluorescence properties of HL1, H2L2 and their Ni(II) complexes were studied. The supramolecular structures of the two Ni(II) complexes were constructed via intermolecular hydrogen bond interactions. Hirshfeld surfaces analyses and DFT calculations were performed on the two complexes.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21761018), the Open Fund for the Key Laboratory of Education Department in Anhui Province (LCECSC-03) and Overseas Visiting and Research Project for Outstanding Young Talents of Colleges and Universities in Anhui Province (gxgwfx2019043), three of which are gratefully acknowledged.

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