Synthesis and structural characterization of centrosymmetric multinuclear nickel(II) complexes with neutral tetradentate N6-ligand


A neutral tetradentate ligand L1 [L1 = 3,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)-pyridazine] reacts with Ni(ClO4)2·6H2O and undergoes counterion exchange with PF 6 to give di- and tetranuclear complexes [Ni2(L1)2(CH3CN)4](PF6)4·4H2O (1) and [Ni4(L1)4(µ-OH)4](ClO4)4·2H2O (2), respectively. The presence of 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU) as base controls the nuclearity of the complex formation. Both complexes were structurally characterized by physicochemical and spectroscopic techniques. Their crystal structures revealed that both complexes are centrosymmetric and adopt slightly distorted octahedral geometry. Complex 1 crystallizes in monoclinic space group C2/c as the Ni(II) center is octahedrally bound to L1 in a trans-isomer arrangement. Complex 2 crystallizes in tetragonal space group I41/amd with four L1 and four hydroxy bridging ligands linked to Ni(II) center in cis-isomer arrangement. Cyclic voltammograms of complexes 1 and 2 were measured under Ar and CO2. Under CO2, the quasireversible peaks of both complexes become irreversible and a current enhancement occurs under reduction.

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J.D.S. thanks the Institute for Molecular Science International Internship Program in Asia (IMS-IIPA) for an internship award. Support from the RU Grant (SATU) ST022-2020 from Universiti Malaya is acknowledged. The work was also supported by the IMRC/AISTDF/CRD/2018/000048 (ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D Scheme). We thank Kiyohiro Adachi from Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) for assistance with X-ray result interpretation.

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