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N,S-donor acetamide ligand: silver (I) binding and test silver (I) extraction studies


Ligands bearing soft donors including N- and S- have found applications in selective metal recovery due to the ability to preferentially bind soft acceptors like Ag+. Herein, N-(2-((4-vinylbenzyl)thio)ethyl)acetamide (L) bearing potential Ag+-selective N- and S-donors was prepared in a 76% yield under mild conditions. Reaction of L with silver perchlorate and silver nitrate gave complexes 1 and 2, as pastes, in yields of 98 and 77%, respectively. Physico-chemical and spectroscopic characterizations confirmed the chemical compositions of L, 1 and 2. ESI–MS data indicated that 1 and 2 each contain both the [AgL]+ and [AgL2]+ types complexes. Binding studies carried out by Job plot and 1H NMR titration using silver perchlorate indicated that L interacts with Ag+ to form the [AgL]+ type complex and that the N- and S-donors may be responsible for binding Ag+. Finally, L was observed to demonstrate excellent selectivity and moderate efficiency (36%) for Ag+ extraction from an aqueous solution also containing Cu2+ and Pb2+.

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The authors would like to thank the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK and the University of Warwick for funding the research under Grant No. NGCS-2015-448.

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