Ethylene oligomerization promoted by nickel-based catalysts with silicon-bridged diphosphine amine ligands


A series of nickel complexes [Ni(L1)Br2] (C1), [Ni(L2)Br2] (C2) and [Ni(L3)Br2] (C3) (L1 = N-isopropyl-N-(((diphenylphosphanyl)methyl)dimethylsilyl)-1,1-diphenylphosphanamine, L2 = N-cyclopentyl-N-(((diphenylphosphanyl)methyl)dimethylsilyl)-1,1-diphenylphosphanamine, L3 = N-(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-N-(((diphenylphosphanyl)methyl)dimethylsilyl)-1,1-diphenylphosphanamine) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. L1, L2 and L3 each act as bidentate ligands. Upon activation with ethylaluminum dichloride, these complexes produce efficient catalytic systems for selective dimerization of ethylene to 1-butene, with catalytic activities of 3.45 × 107 g/(molNi·h) and 95.6% butene selectivity containing 87.6% 1-butene fraction.

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This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2017YFB0306700). The Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin City (14JCYBJC23100, 15JCYBJC48100 and 16JCZDJC31600).

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