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Large-Scale Model for the Dissolution of Heterogeneous Porous Formations: Theory and Numerical Validation

Transport in Porous Media Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, we study the dissolution of a porous formation made of soluble and insoluble materials with various types of Darcy-scale heterogeneities. Based on the assumption of scale separations, i.e., the convective and diffusive Damköhler numbers are smaller than certain limits which are documented in the paper, we apply large-scale upscaling to the Darcy-scale model to develop large-scale equations, which are used to describe the dissolution of porous formations with Darcy-scale heterogeneities. History-dependent closure problems are provided to get the effective parameters in the large-scale model. The large-scale model validity is tested by comparing numerical results for a 1D flow problem in a stratified system and a 2D flow problem in a nodular system to the Darcy-scale ones. The good agreement between results at Darcy and large scales shows the robustness of the large-scale model in representing the Darcy-scale results for the stratified system, even when the dissolution front is very sharp. Large-scale results for the nodular system represent satisfactorily the averaged Darcy-scale behaviors when the dissolution front is relatively thick, i.e., when model assumptions are satisfied, while there may be as expected some discrepancy generated between direct numerical simulations and large-scale results in the case of thin dissolution front. Overall, this study demonstrates the possibility of building a fully homogenized large-scale model incorporating dissolution history effects, and that the resulting large-scale model is capable to catch the main features of the Darcy-scale results within its applicability domain.

Article highlights

  • Large-scale model is developed for the dissolution of heterogeneous porous media, taking dissolution history effect into account.

  • A sequential algorithm is proposed for the solution of effective mass exchange coefficient and effective permeability tensor.

  • The large-scale model is validated for stratied and nodular systems.

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\(\mathbf {b}\) :

Mapping vector, m

\(c_{eq}\) :

Thermodynamic equilibrium concentration of the dissolved solid, \(\mathrm {kg}\,\mathrm {m}^{-3}\)

\(C_{l}\), \(C_{l}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale intrinsic average concentration of the dissolved solid, respectively, \(\mathrm {kg}\,\mathrm {m}^{-3}\)

\(\tilde{C}_{l}\) :

Large-scale concentration deviation, \(\mathrm {kg}\,\mathrm {m}^{-3}\)

D :

Diameter of the inclusions in the 2D geometry, \(\mathrm {m}\)

\(\mathrm {Da}\), \(\mathrm {Da}_{M}\) :

Micro- and macroscale Damköhler number, respectively, dimensionless

\(D_{r}\) :

Reference diffusion coefficient, \(\mathrm {m}^{2}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\mathbf {D}_{l}\) :

Darcy-scale dispersion tensor, \(\mathrm {m}^{2}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\mathbf {g}\) :

Gravitational acceleration, \(\mathrm {m}\,\mathrm {s}^{-2}\)

H :

Height of the 2D unit cell, \(\mathrm {m}\)

\(K_{l}\) :

Permeability, \(\mathrm {m}^{2}\)

\(K_{0}\) :

Permeability constant, \(\mathrm {m}^{2}\)

\(K_{s}\) :

Mass exchange of the dissolving solid, kg \(\mathrm {m}^{-3}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\mathbf {K}_{l}\), \(\mathbf {K}_{l}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale permeability tensor, respectively, \(\mathrm {m}^{2}\)

\(\ell _{d}\) :

Thickness of dissolution front, m

\(\ell _{h}\) :

Characteristic length of heterogeneity, m

\(\ell _{i}\), \(\ell _{l}\), \(\ell _{s}\) :

Pore-scale characteristic lengths, m

\(\ell _{\omega }\) , \(\ell _{\eta }\) :

Darcy-scale characteristic length, m

L :

Large-scale characteristic length, m

\(P_{l}\), \(P_{l}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale intrinsic average pressure, respectively, Pa

\(P_{e}\) :

Pressure at the inlet of the 2D nodular system, Pa

\(\mathrm {Pe}_{M}\) :

Macroscale Péclet number, dimensionless

\(r_{0}\), \(R_{0}\) :

Characteristic length of the REV used to define Darcy- and large-scale variables, respectively, m

\(\mathbf {r}\) :

Position vector, m

S, \(S^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale solid mineral saturation, respectively, dimensionless

\(\widehat{S}\), \(\widehat{S^{*}}\) :

Domain average of S and \(S^{*}\), respectively, dimensionless

\(\tilde{S}\) :

Large-scale soluble solid saturation deviation, dimensionless

t :

time, s

\(U_{r}\) :

Reference velocity, \(\mathrm {m}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\mathbf {U}_{l}\), \(\mathbf {U}_{l}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale intrinsic average liquid velocity, respectively, \(\mathrm {m}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\mathcal {V}\), \(\mathcal {V}_{\infty }\) :

Total volume of REV for the Darcy- and large-scale volume averaging, respectively, \(\mathrm {m}^{3}\)

\(\mathcal {V}_{l}\), \(\mathcal {V}_{i}\), \(\mathcal {V}_{s}\) :

Volume of the liquid phase, the insoluble solid and the soluble solid within an REV, \(\mathrm {m}^{3}\)

\(\mathbf {V}_{l}\),\(\mathbf {V}_{l}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale superficial average liquid velocity, \(\mathrm {m}\,\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\alpha\), \(\alpha ^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale mass exchange coefficient, \(\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\alpha _{0}\), \(\alpha _{0,\eta }\), \(\alpha _{0,\omega }\) :

Mass exchange coefficient constant, \(\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\widehat{\alpha }_{0}\) :

Averaged mass exchange coefficient constant within an REV, \(\mathrm {s}^{-1}\)

\(\varepsilon _{l}\), \(\varepsilon _{i}\), \(\varepsilon _{s}\) :

Volume fraction of the liquid phase, the insoluble solid and the soluble solid, respectively, dimensionless

\(\varepsilon _{T}\), \(\varepsilon _{T}^{*}\) :

Darcy- and large-scale total porosity, respectively, dimensionless

\(\mu _{l}\) :

Dynamic viscosity, Pa s

\(\rho _{l}\), \(\rho _{s}\) :

Density of the liquid phase and the soluble solid, respectively, \(\mathrm {kg\,m}^{-3}\)

\(\varphi\) :

Volume fraction of each region within a unit cell, dimensionless


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