Transport in Porous Media

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Effects of Particle Size Non-Uniformity on Transport and Retention in Saturated Porous Media

  • Ahmed Hammadi
  • Nasre-Dine AhfirEmail author
  • Abdellah Alem
  • HuaQing Wang


Short-pulse injection experiments are investigated to study the effects of particle size non-uniformity on the transport and retention in saturated porous media. Monodisperse particles (3, 10, and 16 \(\upmu \hbox {m}\) latex microspheres) and polydisperse particles (containing 3, 10, and 16 latex microspheres) were explored. The obtained results suggest considering not only the particle sizes but also their polydispersivity (particle size non-uniformity) in transport and retention. Although, the density of the suspended particles is close to that of water, results reveal a slow transport of particles compared to the dissolved tracer whatever their size and flow velocity. The recovered particles in the mixture experiments show that the retention of large particles (10 and 16 \(\upmu \hbox {m}\)) enhances the retention of small ones (3 \(\upmu \hbox {m}\)). However, the straining of 10 and 16 \(\upmu \hbox {m}\) particles in “mixture experiments” is smaller than their straining in “monodisperse experiments”. A linear relationship summarizing the simultaneous effect of particle sizes and flow velocity on deposition kinetics coefficient is proposed.


Suspended particles Porous media Particle size Particle polydispersivity Straining 



This work was supported by Région Haute Normandie_R2014-CPER-0094.

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  • Ahmed Hammadi
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  • Nasre-Dine Ahfir
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    Email author
  • Abdellah Alem
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  • HuaQing Wang
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  1. 1.UMR 6294 CNRS, LOMCNormandie Univ, UNIHAVRELe HavreFrance

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