Transport in Porous Media

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Offset Rotating Plates Bounding a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium in a Uniformly Rotating System

  • Patrick D. WeidmanEmail author


The steady flow induced between two offset plates rotating at angular velocity \(\Omega \) bounding a fluid-saturated porous medium in a system uniformly rotating at angular velocity \(\omega \) is studied. The problem is governed by a Reynolds number R, a porosity parameter \(\gamma \), and \(\sigma = \omega /\Omega \) representing the ratio of Coriolis to inertial forces. Details of the loci of centers of rotation projected onto the mid-plane are found, and sample similarity profiles covering a range of parameters are given in graphical form. A formula is derived to compute spiral angles as a function of \(R,\gamma \) and \(\sigma \).


Offset plate rotation Porous medium Brinkman equation Rotating frame of reference 


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