Transport in Porous Media

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Mixed Convection in Water Near the Density Extremum Along a Vertical Plate with Sinusoidal Surface Temperature Variation Embedded in a Porous Medium

  • Asterios PantokratorasEmail author


A steady laminar boundary layer flowing along a vertical plate immersed in a Darcy–Brinkman porous medium saturated with water at 4°C is studied. The plate temperature varies sinusoidally along the plate between 0 and 8°C where the density of water varies parabolically and is almost symmetrical at about 4°C. Except for the existence of the buoyancy force, it is assumed that either the plate moves upwards or the ambient water moves upwards (moving stream). The results are obtained with the direct numerical solution of the boundary layer equations taking into account the temperature dependence of water thermophysical properties (ρ, μ and c p). Results are presented for the wall temperature gradient and the wall shear stress along the plate for free convection and mixed convection. Temperature and velocity profiles are also presented.


Sinusoidal temperature Water Porous medium 

List of symbols




Specific heat under constant pressure


Half wavelength


Gravitational acceleration


Thermal conductivity


Mean bulk modulus of water


Porous medium permeability








Vertical velocity


Horizontal velocity


Specific volume of water


Vertical coordinate


Horizontal coordinate

Greek symbols


Dynamic viscosity


Kinematic viscosity




Shear stress








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