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Chitosan-Modified Palladium Catalysts in Hydrogenation of n-Hex-2-Yne

The catalytic activity of chitosan-containing palladium catalysts in the hydrogenation reaction of n-hex-2-yne was studied. The most active was the catalyst with [Pd]:[chitosan] molar ratio = 1:1.3. The hydrogenation rate on this catalyst was five times higher than that of similar catalyst with [Pd]:[chitosan] ratio = 1:3.3. Modification of the active catalyst with silver resulted in increasing the selectivity of the process for cis-hex-2-ene up to 96%.

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The work was performed with the financial support of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (grant AR09259638).

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Correspondence to A. K. Zharmagambetova.

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Translated from Teoretychna ta Eksperymentalna Khimiya, Vol. 57, No. 5, pp. 318-322, September-October, 2021.

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Zharmagambetova, A.K., Auyezkhanova, A.S., Talgatov, E.T. et al. Chitosan-Modified Palladium Catalysts in Hydrogenation of n-Hex-2-Yne. Theor Exp Chem 57, 371–376 (2021).

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  • stereoselective hydrogenation
  • n-hex-2-yne
  • palladium catalyst
  • modification
  • chitosan
  • silver