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Tetracycline Adsorption onto Agave Americana Activated Carbon: Studies of Physicochemical Parameters and Porous Structure

The isotherms of adsorption of tetracycline on activated carbon obtained from Agave Americana fibers were analyzed using the method of statistical physics. It was shown that the adsorption of tetracycline molecules on such coal was a multimolecular process. The share of tetracycline molecules that filled the sites of the first type was 2-5 times higher than the second, because the adsorption energy in the sites of the first type was 0.6-2 kJ/mol lower (at temperatures of 298-323 K, respectively). Using the dispersion equation, it was shown that the tetracycline molecules were adsorbed in the micropores and mesopores of activated carbon with a pore size lower than 2 nm.

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Translated from Teoretychna ta Eksperymentalna Khimiya, Vol. 57, No. 4, pp. 253-257, July-August, 2021.

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  • tetracycline
  • adsorption
  • grand canonical formalism
  • physicochemical parameters
  • pore size distribution