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Networks for the e-society


The 14th edition of International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium (shortly: Networks 2010) held in Warsaw, Poland. Networks 2010 was a four-day professional and scientific event organized by Warsaw University of Technology in co-operation with Polish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (SIT). The conference was focused on network design and planning methods including the issues of routing, traffic flows and optimization that are necessary to deliver the promise of the Network of the Future. Over 100 technical papers submitted by researchers form America, Asia, Australia, and Europe were carefully reviewed by the Members of the Technical Program Committee and external reviewers. The accepted 51 high quality papers were finally organized into 16 technical sessions. 6 keynote talks, 8 invited papers, and 4 tutorials enriched the conference program. Authors of the top 17 regular papers have been invited to publish extended versions of their papers in this special issue of Telecommunication Systems Journal.

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