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The Child Within. Karen Horney On Vacation1

  • Renate Horney Patterson

I am thrilled and extremely grateful that I am able to attend this wonderful celebration. I am the youngest of the Horney daughters. My father always said that the desire for a son was the father of many daughters. I was my parents’ last desire.

In about 1924 my mother, excited about the newest idea that early childhood analysis would prevent neurosis in the adult, sent her three daughters to the Freudian couch of Melanie Klein. I will read from my Lazarus, What’s Next? A Memoir to take you to that time in our lives with Mother.

As I lay on the hard, ominous couch, Melanie asked me to talk about my thoughts and dreams. Being a lively, healthy eight-year-old, I told of climbing trees and playing Indians. The therapist’s long reply startled my innocent ears. All my thoughts, she said, had to do with penis envy and anus play. Although proud of having been told to make the long trip by bus and subway to her office alone, I soon found a way to get there ever so slowly. Arriving late, I...


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