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Synopsis of the species of Ceratomyxa Thélohan, 1892 (Cnidaria, Myxosporea, Ceratomyxidae) described between 2007 and 2017

  • Jorge C. Eiras
  • Cristina Cruz
  • Aurélia Saraiva


A synopsis of the species of Ceratomyxa Thélohan, 1892 (Cnidaria, Myxosporea, Ceratomyxidae) described between 2007 and 2017 is presented, including 83 nominal species. For each species, the most important morphological and morphometric features are indicated in tabulated format. Included are also the site of infection within the host, and geographical location, plus a full bibliography of the original records of species. Molecular data (GenBank accession numbers) are also provided whenever possible.



The authors acknowledge colleagues which helped with the literature survey: R. D. Adlard, E. A Adriano, G. Alama-Bermejo, N. L. Gunter, I. Mladineo. The authors thank Aneta Kostadinova for the careful editing of the manuscript


This paper was partially supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), Project UID/Multi/04423/2013.

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  • Cristina Cruz
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  • Aurélia Saraiva
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  2. 2.Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigacão Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR/CIMAR), Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de LeixõesMatosinhosPortugal

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