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Editorial introduction to the special issue LORI Guangzhou

  • Hans van Ditmarsch
  • Jérôme Lang

This special issue of the journal Synthese contains a selection of papers presented at the Third International Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Interaction (LORI-III).

Over the last decades, logic has developed as a discipline interfacing between mathematics, philosophy, computer science, and linguistics. In the last few years, a new research field emerged at the crossing point of all these domains: the focus on the study of rational agency and what is sometimes called ‘intelligent interaction’, which has led to new theories of information flow, communication, and goal-directed strategic interaction between many agents. This new perspective has led to further contacts between philosophical logic, computational logic, theories of agency in computer science, but also new partners such as game theory and social choice theory, linking logic to the social sciences. Examples of such merges are dynamic epistemic studies of rational behavior in games, ‘social software’ using computational...


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