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Stability Analysis for Parameterized Variational Systems with Implicit Constraints


In the paper we provide new conditions ensuring the isolated calmness property and the Aubin property of parameterized variational systems with constraints depending, apart from the parameter, also on the solution itself. Such systems include, e.g., quasi-variational inequalities and implicit complementarity problems. Concerning the Aubin property, possible restrictions imposed on the parameter are also admitted. Throughout the paper, tools from the directional limiting generalized differential calculus are employed enabling us to impose only rather weak (non- restrictive) qualification conditions. Despite the very general problem setting, the resulting conditions are workable as documented by some academic examples.


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The research of the first two authors was supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under grant P29190-N32. The research of the third author was supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Project 17-08182S and the Australian Research Council, Project DP160100854.


Open access funding provided by Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

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