Transmission spectral analysis models for the assessment of white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs freshness

  • Ching-Wei Cheng
  • Shan-Yu Jung
  • Chia-Chun Lai
  • Sheng-Yu Tsai
  • Chien-Chung JengEmail author


In this study, nondestructive full-spectrum testing was adopted to test the freshness of white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs. Two hundred and forty each of Lohman white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs were used. Stored in an environment with normal temperature and humidity (23–26 °C, 55%RH) for nine days, spectroscopy, Haugh unit, and egg white (albumen) pH value measurements were taken daily. Egg measurement spectra used standard normal variate to process signals, and multiple linear regression was employed to establish correlations between “spectra and Haugh unit” and “spectrum and egg white (albumen) pH value.” The coefficients of determination (r2) for the white-shell egg group/brown-shell egg group spectra and Haugh unit were .753 and .774, respectively; the coefficients of determination (r2) for the white-shell egg group and brown-shell egg group spectrum and egg white (albumen) pH value were .707 and .62, respectively. Subsequently, 60 eggs were randomly selected, and their freshness level was determined based on the correlation between spectrum and Haugh unit. The freshness level prediction accuracy rates of white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs were 86.7% and 85%, respectively; the prediction accuracy rate of the pH values of white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs was 83.3% and 86%, respectively.


Full spectrum Calibration curve Freshness Eggs 



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