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A portable UPnP-based high performance content sharing system for supporting multimedia devices


Since the development of traditional home multimedia is yet to be improved, the various multimedia devices are used for playing media content. Under the advancement of modern science and technology, there are various formats of compact discs to store and play multimedia content, such as VCD, DVD, portable disks, etc., and the latest, Blu-ray disc. However, it is difficult for these devices to share the content without any configuration. In order to solve the problem of playing effectively, we propose a portable UPnP-based high performance content sharing system for supporting multimedia devices, which includes a content sharing server, and media players. The content sharing server can realize the share services and file control of the portable disk, iPod, DVD, digital TV, and other devices, so that users no longer need to carry out complex processes to install software and settings, as the media players can allow users to play the multimedia file on any media device.

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