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On Boolean Algebraic Structure of Proofs: Towards an Algebraic Semantics for the Logic of Proofs


We present algebraic semantics for the classical logic of proofs based on Boolean algebras. We also extend the language of the logic of proofs in order to have a Boolean structure on proof terms and equality predicate on terms. Moreover, the completeness theorem and certain generalizations of Stone’s representation theorem are obtained for all proposed algebras.

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We would like to thank the referees for their comments. The presentation of the paper has been considerably improved as a result of those comments. We also wish to express our deep gratitude to Nicholas Pischke for reading an earlier draft of the paper and providing many precious suggestions. The research of the first author was in part supported by a grant from IPM and carried out in IPM-Isfahan Branch. The research of the second author was in part supported by a grant from IPM (No.99030420) and carried out in IPM-Isfahan Branch.

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