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Discrete Duality for Nelson Algebras with Tense Operators


In this paper, we continue with the study of tense operators on Nelson algebras (Figallo et al. in Studia Logica 109(2):285–312, 2021, Studia Logica 110(1):241–263, 2022). We define the variety of algebras, which we call tense Nelson D-algebras, as a natural extension of tense De Morgan algebras (Figallo and Pelaitay in Logic J IGPL 22(2):255–267, 2014). In particular, we give a discrete duality for these algebras. To do this, we will extend the representation theorems for Nelson algebras given in Sendlewski (Studia Logica 43(3):257–280, 1984) to the tense case.

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Jonathan Sarmiento and Gustavo Pelaitay want to thank the institutional support of Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

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