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l-Hemi-Implicative Semilattices

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Studia Logica Aims and scope Submit manuscript


An l-hemi-implicative semilattice is an algebra \(\mathbf {A} = (A,\wedge ,\rightarrow ,1)\) such that \((A,\wedge ,1)\) is a semilattice with a greatest element 1 and satisfies: (1) for every \(a,b,c\in A\), \(a\le b\rightarrow c\) implies \(a\wedge b \le c\) and (2) \(a\rightarrow a = 1\). An l-hemi-implicative semilattice is commutative if if it satisfies that \(a\rightarrow b = b\rightarrow a\) for every \(a,b\in A\). It is shown that the class of l-hemi-implicative semilattices is a variety. These algebras provide a general framework for the study of different algebras of interest in algebraic logic. In any l-hemi-implicative semilattice it is possible to define an derived operation by \(a \sim b := (a \rightarrow b) \wedge (b \rightarrow a)\). Endowing \((A,\wedge ,1)\) with the binary operation \(\sim \) the algebra \((A,\wedge ,\sim ,1)\) results an l-hemi-implicative semilattice, which also satisfies the identity \(a \sim b = b \sim a\). In this article, we characterize the (derived) commutative l-hemi-implicative semilattices. We also provide many new examples of l-hemi-implicative semilattice on any semillatice with greatest element (possibly with bottom). Finally, we characterize congruences on the classes of l-hemi-implicative semilattices introduced earlier and we characterize the principal congruences of l-hemi-implicative semilattices.

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