NMR and HPLC study of chiral selectors with naphthyl unit


Doubling of resonances in NMR spectra of chiral selectors with naphthyl group attached to the tertiary amide nitrogen atom has been noticed what revealed the presence of two isomers. To test the enantiorecognition ability of these chiral selectors they are covalently bonded to the HPLC silica gel. Those kind of chiral stationary phases were compared with analogous commercial leucine chiral stationary phase. They exhibit the better enantioseparation results which indicate that the existence of cis/trans isomers does not have the negative influence on their enantioselective ability.

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The authors acknowledge the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport for financial support (grants 0098051 and 0098059).

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  • Peaks doubling
  • Dynamical NMR
  • Peak coalescence
  • Chiral HPLC