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A Case Study on the Numerical Solution and Reduced Order Model of MEMS

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In this paper, we develop a numerical method with a reduced order technique based on the Galerkin procedure to solve nonlinear partial differential equations of MEMS devices. We apply an explicit numerical approach based on the finite difference method (FDM) to a reduced order model of the equation of micro-beams and call it explicit-ROM. As a case study, we obtain the time response of a micro-beam under an electrostatic actuation and a mechanical shock with our method and the reduced order method (ROM) developed in previous papers. We show ROM requires taking the effect of higher order modes into consideration in order to result in accurate response, while explicit-ROM greatly improves both accuracy and speed with only the first mode, hence it is a straightforward approach that can be used in a MEMS software to obtain very fast and accurate results.


MEMS Micro-beam Nonlinear response Reduced order method Finite difference method 


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