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Table 3 Ethnic differences in proposed challenges to inclusion

From: Why are there so few ethnic minorities in ecology and evolutionary biology? Challenges to inclusion and the role of sense of belonging

 African AmericanLatina/oWhiteAsianAll
Knowledge of Evolution4.19ab4.17a4.36b4.28ab4.28
Exposure to Ecology4.25a4.31ab4.47b4.35ab4.37
Role Models1.55ab1.58ab1.65b1.48a1.57
Same-race Role Models0.90b0.80b1.45c0.54a0.99
Outdoor Comfort3.57ab3.75b4.04c3.48a3.75
Moral Objections to Evolution2.69a2.00b1.56c1.81bc1.91
Communal Goals4.63a4.59ab4.29c4.43bc4.44
  1. Means within the same row that do not share the same subscript differ at p < 0.05