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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the sample

From: Why are there so few ethnic minorities in ecology and evolutionary biology? Challenges to inclusion and the role of sense of belonging

 African AmericanLatina/oWhiteAsianAll
% Female54.0a53.9ab65.8c63.2bc61.0
% 1st year30.4a32.8a27.0a28.6a29.0
% US citizen95.2a93.9a98.4a81.3b92.4
% 1st generation36.4b55.9c25.7a33.0b34.7
% Full-time status77.6a66.8a84.4b88.1b82.1
% Biology majors33.1a27.2a33.1a34.7a32.6
% Ecology classes56.9a54.5a52.2a53.1a53.7
% Evolutionary Bio classes56.6a54.2a54.1a57.7a55.5
  1. Income was measured on a Likert-type scale. Numbers within the same row that do not share the same subscript differ at p < 0.05. All statistics are based only the participants who responded to each question and do not include missing data