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The DREAMS Experiment Onboard the Schiaparelli Module of the ExoMars 2016 Mission: Design, Performances and Expected Results


The first of the two missions foreseen in the ExoMars program was successfully launched on 14th March 2016. It included the Trace Gas Orbiter and the Schiaparelli Entry descent and landing Demonstrator Module. Schiaparelli hosted the DREAMS instrument suite that was the only scientific payload designed to operate after the touchdown. DREAMS is a meteorological station with the capability of measuring the electric properties of the Martian atmosphere. It was a completely autonomous instrument, relying on its internal battery for the power supply. Even with low resources (mass, energy), DREAMS would be able to perform novel measurements on Mars (atmospheric electric field) and further our understanding of the Martian environment, including the dust cycle. DREAMS sensors were designed to operate in a very dusty environment, because the experiment was designed to operate on Mars during the dust storm season (October 2016 in Meridiani Planum). Unfortunately, the Schiaparelli module failed part of the descent and the landing and crashed onto the surface of Mars. Nevertheless, several seconds before the crash, the module central computer switched the DREAMS instrument on, and sent back housekeeping data indicating that the DREAMS sensors were performing nominally. This article describes the instrument in terms of scientific goals, design, working principle and performances, as well as the results of calibration and field tests. The spare model is mature and available to fly in a future mission.

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This work was supported by the Italian Space Agency through the agreement I/018/12/0: “DREAMS EDM Payload ExoMars 2016.” The development of the DREAMS instrument was funded and coordinated by ASI.

DREAMS is the result of a cooperation of six European Countries (Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom) led by Italy. DREAMS is built by UPD-CISAS with contribution from LATMOS/FMI/INTA/Oxford University/INAF-OAC, operated by INAF-OAC/UPD-CISAS and provided by ASI.

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Correspondence to F. Esposito.

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List of Acronyms


Alternating Current


Analog to Digital Converter


Air Mass 0


Central Electronic Unit


Computational Fluid Dynamics




Central Processing Unit


Direct Current


Dust characterization, Risk assessment and Environment Analyzer on the Martian Surface


Digital Signal Processor


Entry descent and landing Demonstrator Module


Electric field


European Space Agency


Flight Model


Finnish Meteorological Institute


Field of View


Field-Programmable Gate Array


Flight Spare




Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial


International Standards Organization


Local True Solar Time


Microcontroller Unit


Micro Electro-Mechanical System


Mars Science Laboratory


Mission TimeLine


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Near Infrared


On-Board Data Handling


Optical Depth


Optical Head


DREAMS Pressure Sensor 1/2


Printed Circuit Board


Planetary Data System version 4


Processing Electronics




Radiation and Dust Sensor


Ground reference model


Rover Environmental Monitoring Station


Relative Humidity


Resistance Temperature Detector


Solar Irradiance Sensor


Signal to Noise Ratio


Space Solar Cell Test Laboratory


Sensor SWitch sequence


Solar Zenith Angle


Total ionizing Dose


Trace Gas Orbiter


Thermal Vacuum Test


Ultra High Frequency


Universal Time Coordinated



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