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Dust in Supernovae and Supernova Remnants II: Processing and Survival

  • E. R. MicelottaEmail author
  • M. Matsuura
  • A. Sarangi
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  1. Supernovae


Observations have recently shown that supernovae are efficient dust factories, as predicted for a long time by theoretical models. The rapid evolution of their stellar progenitors combined with their efficiency in precipitating refractory elements from the gas phase into dust grains make supernovae the major potential suppliers of dust in the early Universe, where more conventional sources like Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars did not have time to evolve. However, dust yields inferred from observations of young supernovae or derived from models do not reflect the net amount of supernova-condensed dust able to be expelled from the remnants and reach the interstellar medium. The cavity where the dust is formed and initially resides is crossed by the high velocity reverse shock which is generated by the pressure of the circumstellar material shocked by the expanding supernova blast wave. Depending on grain composition and initial size, processing by the reverse shock may lead to substantial dust erosion and even complete destruction. The goal of this review is to present the state of the art about processing and survival of dust inside supernova remnants, in terms of theoretical modelling and comparison to observations.


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We would like to thank the referee for the careful reading and the many useful suggestions. We also deeply acknowledge the support from the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland and their successful endeavour to organise the Supernovae workshop. We are grateful to Isabelle Cherchneff for her help at the beginning of this project. E. R. M. wishes to acknowledge the support of Academy of Finland grant 1285769 and M. M. acknowledges support from an STFC Ernest Rutherford fellowship (ST/L003597/1).


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