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, Volume 209, Issue 1–4, pp 1–42 | Cite as

Astrobiology and the Possibility of Life on Earth and Elsewhere…

  • Hervé CottinEmail author
  • Julia Michelle Kotler
  • Kristin Bartik
  • H. James CleavesII
  • Charles S. Cockell
  • Jean-Pierre P. de Vera
  • Pascale Ehrenfreund
  • Stefan Leuko
  • Inge Loes Ten Kate
  • Zita Martins
  • Robert Pascal
  • Richard Quinn
  • Petra Rettberg
  • Frances Westall


Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary scientific field not only focused on the search of extraterrestrial life, but also on deciphering the key environmental parameters that have enabled the emergence of life on Earth. Understanding these physical and chemical parameters is fundamental knowledge necessary not only for discovering life or signs of life on other planets, but also for understanding our own terrestrial environment. Therefore, astrobiology pushes us to combine different perspectives such as the conditions on the primitive Earth, the physicochemical limits of life, exploration of habitable environments in the Solar System, and the search for signatures of life in exoplanets. Chemists, biologists, geologists, planetologists and astrophysicists are contributing extensively to this interdisciplinary research field. From 2011 to 2014, the European Space Agency (ESA) had the initiative to gather a Topical Team of interdisciplinary scientists focused on astrobiology to review the profound transformations in the field that have occurred since the beginning of the new century. The present paper is an interdisciplinary review of current research in astrobiology, covering the major advances and main outlooks in the field. The following subjects will be reviewed and most recent discoveries will be highlighted: the new understanding of planetary system formation including the specificity of the Earth among the diversity of planets, the origin of water on Earth and its unique combined properties among solvents for the emergence of life, the idea that the Earth could have been habitable during the Hadean Era, the inventory of endogenous and exogenous sources of organic matter and new concepts about how chemistry could evolve towards biological molecules and biological systems. In addition, many new findings show the remarkable potential life has for adaptation and survival in extreme environments. All those results from different fields of science are guiding our perspectives and strategies to look for life in other Solar System objects as well as beyond, in extrasolar worlds.


Astrobiology Exobiology Origin of life Search for extraterrestrial life Limits of life Prebiotic chemistry Water 



This work has been supported by ESA, through a Topical Team grant from 2011 to 2013. We are grateful to Oliver Angerer, Jason Hatton, René Demets from ESA for their help and support. UPEC and LISA provided important administrative help (Mireille Paul, Sabrina Hammache, Valérie Simard, Nicolas Vautrin).

Zita Martins acknowledges the Royal Society for financial support.

Figure 6 was drawn by Audrey Noblet, and Fig. 9 by Dara Ngyuen who additionally provided an extensive contribution for the final formatting of the paper.


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