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Propagating MHD Waves in Coronal Holes



Coronal holes are the coolest and darkest regions of the upper solar atmosphere, as observed both on the solar disk and above the solar limb. Coronal holes are associated with rapidly expanding open magnetic fields and the acceleration of the high-speed solar wind. During the years of the solar minima, coronal holes are generally confined to the Sun’s polar regions, while at solar maxima they can also be found at lower latitudes. Waves, observed via remote sensing and detected in-situ in the wind streams, are most likely responsible for the wind and several theoretical models describe the role of MHD waves in the acceleration of the fast solar wind. This paper reviews the observational evidences of detection of propagating waves in these regions. The characteristics of the waves, like periodicities, amplitude, speed provide input parameters and also act as constraints on theoretical models of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration.


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