Solar Physics

, Volume 289, Issue 4, pp 1153–1171 | Cite as

Nonlinear Force-Free Modeling of the Corona in Spherical Coordinates

  • S. A. Gilchrist
  • M. S. Wheatland


We present a code for solving the nonlinear force-free equations in spherical polar geometry, with the motivation of modeling the magnetic field in the corona. The code is an implementation of the Grad–Rubin method. Our method is applicable to a spherical domain of arbitrary angular size. The implementation is based on a global spectral representation for the magnetic field that makes no explicit assumptions about the form of the magnetic field at the transverse boundaries of the domain. We apply the code to a bipolar test case with analytic boundary conditions, and demonstrate the convergence of the Grad–Rubin method and the self-consistency of the resulting numerical solution.


Field Line Coronal Magnetic Field Asymptotic Boundary Condition Transverse Boundary Vector Spherical Harmonic 
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S.A. Gilchrist acknowledges the support of an Australian Postgraduate Research Award.


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