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Solar EUV Spectrum Calculated for Quiet Sun Conditions


We present spectral synthesis calculations of the solar extreme UV (EUV) in spherical symmetry carried out with the ‘Solar Modeling in 3D’ code. The calculations are based on one-dimensional atmospheric structures that represent a temporal and spatial mean of the chromosphere, transition region, and corona. The synthetic irradiance spectra are compared with the recent calibration spectrum taken with the EUV Variability Experiment during the Whole Heliospheric Interval. The good agreement between the synthetic and observed quiet Sun spectrum shows that the employed atmospheric structures are suitable for irradiance calculations. The validation of the quiet Sun spectrum for the present solar minimum is the first step toward the modeling of the EUV variations.

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The Sun–Earth Connection near Solar Minimum

Guest Editors: M.M. Bisi, B.A. Emery, and B.J. Thompson

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Haberreiter, M. Solar EUV Spectrum Calculated for Quiet Sun Conditions. Sol Phys 274, 473–479 (2011).

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  • Corona, quiet
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