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Ooty Interplanetary Scintillation – Remote-Sensing Observations and Analysis of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Heliosphere

Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere


In this paper, I investigate the three-dimensional evolution of solar wind density and speed distributions associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The primary solar wind data used in this study has been obtained from the interplanetary scintillation (IPS) measurements made at the Ooty Radio Telescope, which is capable of measuring scintillation of a large number of radio sources per day and solar wind estimates along different cuts of the heliosphere that allow the reconstruction of three-dimensional structures of propagating transients in the inner heliosphere. The results of this study are: i) three-dimensional IPS images possibly show evidence for the flux-rope structure associated with the CME and its radial size evolution; the overall size and features within the CME are largely determined by the magnetic energy carried by the CME. Such a magnetically energetic CME can cause an intense geomagnetic storm, even if the trailing part of the CME passes through the Earth; ii) IPS measurements along the radial direction of a CME at ∼ 120 R show density turbulence enhancements linked to the shock ahead of the CME and the core of the CME. The density of the core decreases with distance, suggesting the expansion of the CME. However, the density associated with the shock increases with distance from the Sun, indicating the development of a strong compression at the leading edge of the CME. The increase of stand-off distance between ∼ 120 R and 1 AU is consistent with the deceleration of the CME and the continued outward expansion of the shock. The key point in this study is that the magnetic energy possessed by the transient determines its radial evolution.


Radio scintillation Coronal mass ejections, initiation and propagation, interplanetary Solar wind, disturbances, shock waves Cosmic rays Coronal holes 


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  1. 1.Radio Astronomy Centre, National Centre for Radio AstrophysicsTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchUdhagamandalam (Ooty)India

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