Solar Physics

, Volume 262, Issue 2, pp 425–436 | Cite as

Automated Detection of Filaments and Their Disappearance Using Full-Disc Hα Images

  • A. D. JoshiEmail author
  • N. Srivastava
  • S. K. Mathew
Solar Image Processing and Analysis


A new algorithm is presented that automatically detects filaments on the Sun in full-disc Hα images. Pre-processing of Hα images includes corrections for limb darkening and foreshortening. Further, by applying suitable intensity and size thresholds, filaments are extracted, while other solar features, e.g. sunspots and plages, are removed. Filament attributes such as their position on the solar disc, total area, length, and number of fragments are determined. In addition, every filament is also labelled with a unique number for identification. The algorithm is capable of following a particular filament through successive images, which allows us to detect their changes and disappearance. We have analysed ten cases of filament eruption from different observatories, and the results obtained are presented. The algorithm will eventually be integrated with an upcoming telescope at the Udaipur Solar Observatory for real-time monitoring of activated/eruptive filaments. This aspect should prove to be of particular importance in studies pertaining to space weather.


Prominences, dynamics Prominences, quiescent 


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  1. 1.Udaipur Solar ObservatoryPhysical Research LaboratoryUdaipurIndia

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