Table 6 The composition of the religious-secular and survival-selfexpression dimensions

From: Social Cohesion as a Real-life Phenomenon: Assessing the Explanatory Power of the Universalist and Particularist Perspectives

Items from WVS Traditional-religious vs rational-secular valuesa Survival vs selfexpression valuesb
Factor loadings Factor loadings
God is not very important in respondent’s life .91  
It is less important for a child to learn obedience and religious faith than independence and determination (autonomy index) .88  
Abortion is always justifiable .82  
Respondent does not have a strong sense of national pride .81  
Respondent opposes more respect for authority .73  
Respondent gives priority to self-expression and quality of life over economic and physical security (4-item Materialist/Postmaterialist values Indexc)   .87
Respondent describes self as very happy   .81
Homosexuality is always justifiable   .77
Respondent has or would sign a petition   .74
Most people can be trusted   .46
  1. NB: adapted from Inglehart and Welzel (2005: 49)
  2. aSecular is positive pole
  3. bSelfexpression is positive pole
  4. cSee Appendix 2