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Use of linear heredity theory of viscoelasticity for dynamic analysis of earthen structures

A linear-hereditary model of viscoelasticity is presented for description of the viscoelastic properties of soil for dynamic analyses of earthen structures. Parameters of the relaxation kernel are determined for several types of soils. Earthen dams in a resonance regime are analyzed dynamically. Certain mechanical effects manifested in a resonance regime, which are associated with viscoelastic properties of the soil, are exposed.

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Translated from Osnovaniya, Fundamenty i Mekhanika Gruntov, No. 6, pp. 30-34, November-December, 2012.

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Mirsaidov, M.M., Sultanov, T.Z. Use of linear heredity theory of viscoelasticity for dynamic analysis of earthen structures. Soil Mech Found Eng 49, 250–256 (2013).

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  • Internal Friction
  • Mass Force
  • Kinematic Effect
  • Relaxation Kernel
  • Resonance Regime