Correction to: Sex Roles (2023) 89:174-185

The original online version of this article was revised to add an important paragraph that was inadvertently removed from the original file, this paragraph described the scoring system of the task and inserted before figure 1. The paragraph is as follows:

The participants were told to assume that the goalkeeper was standing in the middle of the goal and to get the highest score, they should try to kick in such a way that it hit as far away from the goalkeeper’s hands as possible. The participants were informed that the balls that hit area number 3 will be awarded 3 points, while those hitting one of the other areas (areas number 2, and 1) will be awarded 2 or 1 point(s), respectively. A shot that missed the goal would earn 0 points. This modified task closely resembles the shots taken by futsal players during a game, and the task was approved by three futsal coaches.

The original article has been corrected.