Sex Roles

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Correction to: Half a Century of Stereotyping Associations Between Gender and Intellectual Ability in Films

  • Ramiro H. GálvezEmail author
  • Valeria Tiffenberg
  • Edgar Altszyler
Publisher Correction

Correction to: Sex Roles

The original version of the article unfortunately contained errors.

In Fig. 3, panel b, the gray shades were captured on top of the lines instead as a background.

The original article has been corrected and the updated figure is shown below.
Fig. 3

Word associations between gender pronouns and stereotyping roles. a Estimated associations between gender pronouns and stereotyping roles when analyzing films from 2010 up to and including 2016 for the full sample (n = 2902) and the family/animation subsample (n = 242). Asterisks indicate the results of log odds ratios statistical significance tests on the underlying contingency tables. b Time evolution of the estimated associations taking as input sets of films belonging to successive 10-year periods (1967–1976, 1977–1986, …, 2007–2016). Tendencies are estimated through LOESS regressions. Gray areas indicate that, according to log odds ratios statistical significance tests, differences are not significant at the 5% level. ***p < .001


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