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Teaching About the Margins at the Intersections

Intersectional Pedagogy: Complicating Identity and Social Justice. Edited by Kim A. Case, New York, Routledge, 2017. 258 pp., $155 (cloth). ISBN: 9781138942967, $46.95 (paper). ISBN: 9781138942974
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Book Review

Many instructors struggle to integrate intersectionality into their courses. Common, yet incomplete, approaches to teaching about diverse identities include leading entire courses about a single identity group or acknowledging that individuals have multiple identities, while treating these identities as additive. In Intersectional Pedagogy: Complicating Identity and Social Justice, Case and the contributing authors provide guidance to instructors for how to move beyond single and additive approaches to identity. The book begins with Case (in Chapter 1) openly sharing her own journey in teaching and the lessons she learned as she tried to infuse intersectionality into her psychology courses. Following Chapter 1 and its thorough roadmap for intersectional pedagogy, the book is organized into three sections. The first section provides grounding in theory and foundational work in intersectionality, the second covers specific classroom applications, and the third integrates...

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