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Separate is Never Equal: The Repackaging of Single-Sex Education

The Separation Solution: Single-Sex Education and the New Politics of Gender Equality. By Juliet A. Williams, Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2016. 256 pp. $29.95, £24.95 (paperback). ISBN: 9780520288966
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Book Review
In The Separation Solution, Juliet Williams revisits the issue of single-sex education with a well-written combination of personal experience and scholarly research into the legal and political history of the fight for and against separate-but-equal. As a student, Williams helped integrate her public high school. When it became coeducational, she thought the fight was over. This is not a memoir, but the author is deeply involved in her topic, which makes for very good reading. She says she

regarded my ninth-grade year in an all-girls high school as akin to serving time in prison . . . the analogy strikes me as apt . . . because social life behind bars—as in other sex-segregated social institutions—frequently is structured around the performance of masculine and feminine roles even when members of only one sex are present.” (p. 3)

This clearly sets the tone of the book.

Like Williams, few feminists expected that single-sex public school classrooms would make a comeback after the...


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