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Welcome to College! Creating Improved Campus Climates for LGTBQ Students

Gender and Sexual Diversity in U.S. Higher Education: Contexts and Opportunities for LGBTQ College Students. As Part of the Series: New Directions for Student Services. Edited by Dafina-Lazarus Stewart, Kristen A. Renn, and G. Blue Brazelton. San Francisco, CA, Jossey-Bass Publishing, 2015. 104 pp. $29.00 (Paperback). ISBN: 978-1119220206
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Book Review

Although much progress has occurred in recent decades for LGBTQ students in higher education, there is still an important need to improve institutional climates and to increase attention to all aspects of these students’ educational experiences (Rankin et al. 2010). This book is timely because, despite considerable progress, many institutions and student affairs professionals still struggle with the more nuanced application of affirmative diversity initiatives meant to serve students. Dafina-Lazarus and her co-authors have compiled a useful sourcebook for those who seek to accomplish these aims.

The authors adopted an ecological framework and a strength-based, intersectional approach to the topic. Each chapter employs a specific set of scholarship and knowledge to address a range of LGBTQ students’ college experiences. The volume has a United States-centered focus, and it may have the best applicability within the higher education models in that context. With Chapter 1, author T.J....


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