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Dating and Courtship Behaviors Among Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder


There has been growing concern among stakeholders about individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their sexual and intimate relationship experience, and their ability to pursue and maintain interpersonal relationships in a healthy manner. ASD is characterized, in part, by communication and socialization deficits, which may lead to miscommunications, inappropriate communications, or inappropriate actions towards romantic interests. This study sought to describe the romantic experiences of a small sample of individuals with ASD and explore any inappropriate courtship behaviors while pursuing a romantic interest.

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  1. Omitted questions regarding social relationships. For CBS, see Stokes et al. [32]. Because the current study sought a self-report, the questions in the CBS were reworded to a self-perspective.

  2. Amy Gravino is a woman on the autism spectrum who has become an accomplished international speaker and author. Amy is also known as "The Dr. Ruth of the Autism World," for her passionate interest in the area of autism and sexuality.


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