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Table 3 Quasi-content analysis of the individual clusters

From: Informetrics and the study of science–society communications: a bibliometric scoping review

Cluster ID channel aspect method theme
#1 Not specific Public perception; public attitudes Not specific Health communication, cancer-related public knowledge, nutrition-related public knowledge
#2 Internet-based platforms in general, world wide web Dissemination, framing, bias Informetric methods, data science methods Nanotechnology
#3 Printed media, mass media, journalism Dissemination, framing, public attitudes Qualitative research designs, content analysis Health communication, environmental issues
#4 Policies and other means of knowledge management for social utilization of scientific output Social impact of scientific research Not specific Not specific
#5 Social media, wikipedia, youtube, twitter and other platforms broadly utilized in science communication Popularization, participation (citizen science), open science, detection of broad impact Webometrics, altmetrics, sentiment analysis Astronomy