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Table 11 Core document titles retrieved for the BC clusters

From: Linking the dimensions of policy-related research on obesity: a hybrid mapping with multicluster topics and interdisciplinarity maps

Cluster IDDoc titleJournal title
1Development of the indicator “policies to prevent childhood obesity” to monitor children’s healthEPIDEMIOLOGY
1Investigating the media power of a population health monitoring survey: case study of the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS)AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
1Is cooking dead? The state of Home Economics Food and Nutrition education in a Canadian provinceINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSUMER STUDIES
1Demographic and clinical characteristics of deaths associated with influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 in Central America and Dominican Republic 2009–2010BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
1School role in health education in ItalyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
2The Healthy Communities Study Its Rationale, Aims, and ApproachAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
2Translating Epidemiology Into Policy to Prevent Childhood Obesity: The Case for Promoting Physical Activity in School SettingsANNALS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2Community Action To Prevent Childhood Obesity: Lessons from Three US Case StudiesCHILDHOOD OBESITY
2Engaging Coalitions in Community-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Interventions: A Mixed Methods AssessmentCHILDHOOD OBESITY
2Applying a Mixed-Methods Evaluation to Healthy Kids, Healthy CommunitiesJOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH MANAGEMENT AND PRACTICE
2Participants’ perceptions of a knowledge-brokering strategy to facilitate evidence-informed policy-making in FijiBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
3The impact of maternal employment on children’s adiposity: Evidence from China’s labor policy reformHEALTH ECONOMICS
3Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity in the First 1000 Days A Systematic ReviewAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
3A life course approach to diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseasesPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
3Risk factors for overweight among Brazilian adolescents of low-income families: a case–control studyPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
3Worldwide trends in childhood overweight and obesityINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
3Marked increase in the prevalence of obesity in children of the Seychelles, a rapidly developing country, between 1998 and 2004INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
3A review of risk factors for overweight in preschool children: A policy perspectiveINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
3Childhood overweight, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome in developing countriesEPIDEMIOLOGIC REVIEWS
3The obesity epidemic in the United States—Gender, age, socioeconomic, Racial/Ethnic, and geographic characteristics: A systematic review and meta-regression analysisEPIDEMIOLOGIC REVIEWS
3Family-based factors associated with overweight and obesity among Pakistani primary school childrenBMC PEDIATRICS
3Trends in overweight and obesity in Lebanon: evidence from two national cross-sectional surveys (1997 and 2009)BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
3Nutritional Transition in Children under Five Years and Women of Reproductive Age: A 15-Years Trend Analysis in PeruPLOS ONE
3Rapid Increases in Overweight and Obesity Among South African Adolescents: Comparison of Data From the South African National Youth Risk Behaviour Survey in 2002 and 2008AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
3An Increasing Socioeconomic Gap in Childhood Overweight and Obesity in ChinaAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
3Trends in overweight among school children and adolescents in seven Chinese Provinces, from 1991-2004INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
3Socio-Economic and Environmental Factors Associated with Overweight and Obesity in Children Aged 6–8 Years Living in Five Italian Cities (the MAPEC_LIFE Cohort)INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
3Overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: The South African problemSOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE
4An economy of scales: A selective review of obesity’s economic causes, consequences, and solutionsJOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS
4Using Behavioral Economics to Design More Effective Food Policies to Address ObesityAPPLIED ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES AND POLICY
4Food and consumer behavior: why the details matterAGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS
4Distributional Impacts of Fat Taxes and Thin SubsidiesECONOMIC JOURNAL
4Food Prices and Obesity: Evidence and Policy Implications for Taxes and SubsidiesMILBANK QUARTERLY
4Policy insights from the nutritional food market transformation model: the case of obesity preventionPATHS OF CONVERGENCE FOR AGRICULTURE, HEALTH, AND WEALTH
4Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Children’s HealthANNUAL REVIEW OF PUBLIC HEALTH, VOL 37
4The Economics of Obesity and Related PolicyANNUAL REVIEW OF RESOURCE ECONOMICS, VOL 8
4The Economics Of Childhood ObesityHEALTH AFFAIRS
4Public health policies to encourage healthy eating habits: recent perspectivesJOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP
4The Economics of Obesity and The Role of Government in Obesity Prevention: The Turkish CaseIKTISAT ISLETME VE FINANS
5Neighborhood Environments Disparities in Access to Healthy Foods in the USAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
5Measures of the Food Environment A Compilation of the Literature, 1990-2007AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
5Measuring the Food Environment State of the ScienceAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
5Distance to Store, Food Prices, and Obesity in Urban Food DesertsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
5Obesity and diabetes, the built environment, and the ‘local’ food economy in the United States, 2007ECONOMICS & HUMAN BIOLOGY
5The role of local food availability in explaining obesity risk among young school-aged childrenSOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
5The social dynamics of healthy food shopping and store choice in an urban environmentSOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
5Food deserts or food swamps?: A mixed-methods study of local food environments in a Mexican citySOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
5Obesogenic environments—aspects on measurement and indicatorsPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Food retailer practices, attitudes and beliefs about the supply of healthy foodsPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Healthy food access for urban food desert residents: examination of the food environment, food purchasing practices, diet and BMIPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Assessment of a government-subsidized supermarket in a high-need area on household food availability and children’s dietary intakesPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Health-related outcomes of new grocery store interventions: a systematic reviewPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Exploring the influence of local food environments on food behaviours: a systematic review of qualitative literaturePUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
5Overweight and obesity: Can we reconcile evidence about supermarkets and fast food retailers for public health policy?JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY
5Spatial–Temporal Modeling of Neighborhood Sociodemographic Characteristics and Food StoresAMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
5Engaging Tribal Leaders in an American Indian Healthy Eating Project Through Modified Talking CirclesFAMILY & COMMUNITY HEALTH
5Creating healthy food and eating environments: Policy and environmental approachesANNUAL REVIEW OF PUBLIC HEALTH
5A Natural Experiment Opportunity in Two Low-Income Urban Food Desert Communities: Research Design, Community Engagement Methods, and Baseline ResultsHEALTH EDUCATION & BEHAVIOR
5Food store owners’ and managers’ perspectives on the food environment: an exploratory mixed-methods studyBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
5Developing an agenda for research about policies to improve access to healthy foods in rural communities: a concept mapping studyBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
5Geographic Accessibility Of Food Outlets Not Associated With Body Mass Index Change Among Veterans, 2009-14HEALTH AFFAIRS
5The Good Food Junction: a Community-Based Food Store Intervention to Address Nutritional Health InequitiesJMIR RESEARCH PROTOCOLS
5Food Swamps Predict Obesity Rates Better Than Food Deserts in the United StatesINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
6Youth advocacy for obesity prevention: the next wave of social change for healthTRANSLATIONAL BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE
6Creating a robust public health infrastructure for physical activity promotionAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6The Active Living Research Program Six Years of GrantmakingAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6Neighborhood Environment and Physical Activity Among Youth A ReviewAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6Cost Effectiveness of an Elementary School Active Physical Education PolicyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6School sport policy and school-based physical activity environments and their association with observed physical activity in middle school childrenHEALTH & PLACE
6A systematic review of economic analyses of active transport interventions that include physical activity benefitsTRANSPORT POLICY
6The meta-volition model: Organizational leadership is the key ingredient in getting society moving, literally!PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6Using cost-effectiveness analysis to prioritize policy and programmatic approaches to physical activity promotion and obesity prevention in childhoodPREVENTIVE MEDICINE
6Connecting Active Living Research and Public Policy: Transdisciplinary Research and Policy Interventions to Increase Physical ActivityJOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY
6A Framework for Physical Activity Programs Within School-Community PartnershipsQUEST
6International conference on physical activity and obesity in children: Summary statement and recommendationsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC OBESITY
6Physical Activity and Food Environments: Solutions to the Obesity EpidemicMILBANK QUARTERLY
6A review of early influences on physical activity and sedentary behaviors of preschool-age children in high-income countriesJOURNAL FOR SPECIALISTS IN PEDIATRIC NURSING
6Does Parents’ Social Cohesion Influence Their Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Their Children’s Active Commuting to and From School?JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & HEALTH
6A National Plan for Physical Activity: The Enabling Role of the Built EnvironmentJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & HEALTH
6The Response of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the Obesity EpidemicANNUAL REVIEW OF PUBLIC HEALTH, VOL 36
6An ecological approach to creating active living communitiesANNUAL REVIEW OF PUBLIC HEALTH
6Physical activity and weight management across the lifespanANNUAL REVIEW OF PUBLIC HEALTH
6Understanding contextual barriers, supports, and opportunities for physical activity among Mexican-origin children in Texas border colonias: A descriptive studyBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
6The Wisconsin Assessment of the Social and Built Environment (WASABE): a multi-dimensional objective audit instrument for examining neighborhood effects on healthBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
6Implementation conditions for diet and physical activity interventions and policies: an umbrella reviewBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
6The role of built environments in physical activity, eating, and obesity in childhoodFUTURE OF CHILDREN
6The Built Environment: Designing Communities to Promote Physical Activity in ChildrenPEDIATRICS
6Influences of Physical and Social Neighborhood Environments on Children’s Physical Activity and ObesityAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
6The Effect of Light Rail Transit on Physical Activity: Design and Methods of the Travel-Related Activity in Neighborhoods StudyFRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH
6Impact of the Boston Active School Day Policy to Promote Physical Activity Among ChildrenAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH PROMOTION
6Support for Physical Activity Policies and Perceptions of Work and Neighborhood Environments: Variance by BMI and Activity Status at the County and Individual LevelsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH PROMOTION
7Governing obesity policies from England, France, Germany and ScotlandSOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
7Food and beverage product reformulation as a corporate political strategySOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
7Development of a Report Card on Healthy Food Environments and Nutrition for Children in CanadaPREVENTIVE MEDICINE
7Unhealthy food, integrated marketing communication and power: a critical analysisCRITICAL PUBLIC HEALTH
7Ethical Evaluation of a Proposed Statutory Regulation of Food Advertising Targeted at Minors in SpainPUBLIC HEALTH ETHICS
7Obesity prevention advocacy in Australia: an analysis of policy impact on autonomyAUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
7Public health campaigns and obesity—a critiqueBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
7Addressing the policy cacophony does not require more evidence: an argument for reframing obesity as caloric overconsumptionBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
7Bariatric surgery for obese children and adolescents: a review of the moral challengesBMC MEDICAL ETHICS
7The application of theories of the policy process to obesity prevention: a systematic review and meta-synthesisBMC PUBLIC HEALTH
7Weighing In: The Taste-Engineering Frame in Obesity Expert DiscourseAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Association Between District and State Policies and US Public Elementary School Competitive Food and Beverage EnvironmentsJAMA PEDIATRICS
8Potential Impact of National School Nutritional Environment Policies Cross-sectional Associations With US Secondary Student Overweight/Obesity, 2008-2012JAMA PEDIATRICS
8Association Between Competitive Food and Beverage Policies in Elementary Schools and Childhood Overweight/Obesity Trends Differences by Neighborhood Socioeconomic ResourcesJAMA PEDIATRICS
8Geographic Disparities in State and District Policies Targeting Youth ObesityAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8School Wellness Policies Effects of Using Standard TemplatesAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8School Wellness Policies and Foods and Beverages Available in SchoolsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8Assessment of the School Nutrition Environment A Study in Australian Primary School CanteensAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8School Obesity Prevention Policies and Practices in Minnesota and Student Outcomes A Longitudinal Cohort StudyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8A Multivariate Analysis of Federally Mandated School Wellness Policies on Adolescent ObesityJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH
8Leveraging the Public School System to Combat Adolescent Obesity: The Limits of Arkansas’s Statewide Policy InitiativeJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH
8Position of the American Dietetic Association, School Nutrition Association, and Society for Nutrition Education: Comprehensive School Nutrition ServicesJOURNAL OF NUTRITION EDUCATION AND BEHAVIOR
8Statewide Evaluation of Local Wellness Policies in Georgia: An Examination of Policy Compliance, Policy Strength, and Associated FactorsJOURNAL OF NUTRITION EDUCATION AND BEHAVIOR
8Association between state school nutrition laws and subsequent child obesityPREVENTIVE MEDICINE
8Fundraising, celebrations and classroom rewards are substantial sources of unhealthy foods and beverages on public school campusesPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
8Do attitudes, intentions and actions of school food coordinators regarding public organic food procurement policy improve the eating environment at school? Results from the iPOPY studyPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
8Examining local-level factors shaping school nutrition policy implementation in Ontario, CanadaPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
8Students’ beliefs and behaviour regarding low-calorie beverages, sweets or snacks: are they affected by lessons on healthy food and by changes to school vending machines?PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
8How do we actually put smarter snacks in schools? NOURISH (Nutrition Opportunities to Understand Reforms Involving Student Health) conversations with food-service directorsPUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION
8Impact of competitive foods in public schools on child nutrition: effects on adolescent obesity in the United States an integrative systematic literature reviewGLOBAL HEALTH ACTION
8Policies and Practices of High-Performing Let’s Go! SchoolsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH EDUCATION
8Calories in the Classroom: Celebration Foods Offered and Consumed during Classroom Parties at an Elementary School in a Low-Income, Urban CommunityCHILDHOOD OBESITY
8Barriers and facilitators to the promotion of healthy eating lifestyles among adolescents at school: the views of school health coordinatorsHEALTH EDUCATION RESEARCH
8School district wellness policy quality and weight-related outcomes among high school students in MinnesotaHEALTH EDUCATION RESEARCH
8Evaluating the Potential Health and Revenue Outcomes of a 100% Healthy Vending Machine Nutrition Policy at a Large Agency in Los Angeles County, 2013-2015JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH MANAGEMENT AND PRACTICE
8Schools and Obesity Prevention: Creating School Environments and Policies to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical ActivityMILBANK QUARTERLY
8The Impact of School Socioeconomic Status on Student Lunch Consumption after Implementation of the Texas Public School Nutrition PolicyJOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH
8Association and Diffusion of Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies on the State and District LevelJOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH
8Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Competitive Beverage and Food Guidelines: Do Elementary School Administrators Know About Them and Do They Report Implementing Them?JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH
8Targeting childhood obesity in schools: an examination of the stability and utility of the Value Added IndexPEDIATRIC OBESITY
8Carrots and Sticks: Compliance Provisions in State Competitive Food Laws-Examples for State and Local Implementation of the Updated USDA StandardsJOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH
8Socioeconomic Differences in the Association Between Competitive Food Laws and the School Food EnvironmentJOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH
8Little Association Between Wellness Policies and School-Reported Nutrition PracticesHEALTH PROMOTION PRACTICE
8Effectiveness of school food environment policies on children’s dietary behaviors: A systematic review and meta-analysisPLOS ONE
8Are ‘Competitive Foods’ Sold At School Making Our Children Fat?HEALTH AFFAIRS
8‘Competitive’ Food And Beverage Policies: Are They Influencing Childhood Overweight Trends?HEALTH AFFAIRS
8Effects of a School-based Intervention on Middle School Children’s Daily Food and Beverage IntakeHEALTH BEHAVIOR AND POLICY REVIEW
8The Effect of School Wellness Policies on Childhood Obesity in Rural AmericaHEALTH BEHAVIOR AND POLICY REVIEW
8Weight Status Among Adolescents in States That Govern Competitive Food Nutrition ContentPEDIATRICS
8Lessons Learned From Evaluations of California’s Statewide School Nutrition StandardsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8State Policies Targeting Junk Food in Schools: Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Effect of Policy Change on Soda ConsumptionAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Policy Instruments Used by States Seeking to Improve School Food EnvironmentsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Change in School Nutrition-Related Laws From 2003 to 2008: Evidence From the School Nutrition-Environment State Policy Classification SystemAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Influence of School Beverage Environment on the Association of Beverage Consumption With Physical Education Participation Among US AdolescentsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Development of the Policy Indicator Checklist: A Tool to Identify and Measure Policies for Calorie-Dense Foods and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Across Multiple SettingsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
8Impact of Nutrition Standards on Competitive Food Quality in Massachusetts Middle and High SchoolsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
9Globalisation and national trends in nutrition and health: A grouped fixed-effects approach to intercountry heterogeneityHEALTH ECONOMICS
9The double burden of neoliberalism? Noncommunicable disease policies and the global political economy of riskHEALTH & PLACE
9The double burden of neoliberalism? Noncommunicable disease policies and the global political economy of riskHEALTH & PLACE
9Is trade liberalisation a vector for the spread of sugar-sweetened beverages? A cross-national longitudinal analysis of 44 low- and middle-income countriesSOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
9Determinants of obesity in Brazil: the effects of trade liberalization and socio-economic variablesAPPLIED ECONOMICS
9Protocol to monitor trade agreement food-related aspects: the Fiji case studyHEALTH PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL
9Exporting obesity: US farm and trade policy and the transformation of the Mexican consumer food environmentINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
9The role of trade and investment liberalization in the sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages market: a natural experiment contrasting Vietnam and the PhilippinesGLOBALIZATION AND HEALTH
9Trade and investment liberalization, food systems change and highly processed food consumption: a natural experiment contrasting the soft-drink markets of Peru and BoliviaGLOBALIZATION AND HEALTH
9The health impact of trade and investment agreements: a quantitative systematic review and network co-citation analysisGLOBALIZATION AND HEALTH
10Blacks’ Diminished Health Return of Family Structure and Socioeconomic Status; 15 Years of Follow-up of a National Urban Sample of YouthJOURNAL OF URBAN HEALTH-BULLETIN OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE
10Depressive Symptoms During Adolescence Predict Adulthood Obesity Among Black FemalesJOURNAL OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC HEALTH DISPARITIES
10Mechanisms linking high school graduation to health disparities in young adulthood: a longitudinal analysis of the role of health behaviours, psychosocial stressors, and health insurancePUBLIC HEALTH
10Association of Adiposity and Mental Health Functioning across the Lifespan: Findings from Understanding Society (The UK Household Longitudinal Study)PLOS ONE
10Low Family Support and Risk of Obesity among Black Youth: Role of Gender and EthnicityCHILDREN-BASEL
10Family Income Reduces Risk of Obesity for White but Not Black ChildrenCHILDREN-BASEL
10Parental Education Better Helps White than Black Families Escape Poverty: National Survey of Children’s HealthECONOMIES
10Poverty Status and Childhood Asthma in White and Black Families: National Survey of Children’s HealthHEALTHCARE