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Follow-up study: on the working time budget of a university teacher. 45 years self-observation



Results from self-observation of the working time distribution of a university teacher for a period of 45 years (starting from the very beginning of his carrier till two years after retirement) are reported classified in (i) teaching; (ii) scientific; (iii) administrative, organizational, technical; (iv) social/other activities. For the whole period, the teaching take 19 %, scientific work—22 % and various kinds of administrative, organizational and technical activities—52 % of the overall working time. The latter varies within the limits of 6.1–14.5 h per calendar day (mean values for an year) and in average is 10 h per calendar day for the entire 45-years-period. The changes of the working time distribution and the working day duration during the years are shown. The time consumed in fulfillment of obligations as head of research institution and of university units is revealed. The data are accompanied with information for the growth of the scientific production of the observed person. It is appeared that the latter as well as the growth of the citations of his papers can be depicted by the well known exponential law describing the accelerated development of the science.


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