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An impact of Croatian journals measured by citation analysis from SCI-expanded database in time span 1975–2001

  • Mladen Andreis
  • Maja JokićEmail author


The aim of this research is to gain an insight into international recognition of the STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) Croatian journals measured by citations in SCI-expanded database. The sample for the research was a citation analysis of 142 journals in time span 1975–2001 for papers published in 1975–1998. More than 90% of those journals are not indexed by SCI-expanded. For the purpose of this research we introduced a new scientometric indicator Normalized number of Citations per 100 Papers (NCP) that allows us direct comparison of the journals from various categories (NCP = 100C/P / IF1989). We chose the year 1989 as a mean value for time span 1975–2001.

By citation analysis we established the influence of errors on recognition of Croatian journals and their articles. Obtained results show that an article-to-article link is not found for 32% of cited items. The most frequent type of error is journal title, 37%, which indicates that approximately one third of Croatian journals can not be found when searching by journal title only.

Some Croatian journals, even not indexed by SCI-expanded, showed relatively high rank in an impact, i.e. their NCP is higher than 100, and number of citations per paper is higher than 1.


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  2. 2.National and University Library ZagrebZagrebCroatia

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