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Journals of general & internal medicine and surgery: An analysis and comparison of citation


The purpose of this study is to analyze and compare journal citation data, from Journal Citation Reports on the Web 2000, of general and internal medicine and surgery. The source items and five kinds of citation data, i.e. citation counts, impact factor, immediacy index, citing half-life and cited half-life are examined and the correlation between each of the fifteen pairs of citation data is determined based on the Pearson correlation tests. The Fisher’s Z-transform was employed to test the significant difference between the Pearson correlation coefficient for each pair of citation data of these two subject areas. The following results of this work reveal: the frequently published journals are cited more frequently and also with high impact factor and immediacy index, in addition, they are usually accompanied with short citing half-life (i.e., usually cite current literature). The impact factor and immediacy index has significant correlation with citation counts. A significant correlation also exists between impact factor and immediacy index. However there is no correlation between cited half-life and other citation data, except citing half-life. For journals of general and internal medicine and surgical medicine, there are no significant difference of the Pearson correlation coefficient for the following pair of citation data: source items and citation counts, source items and impact factor, source items and citing half-life, citation counts and citing half-life, impact factor and citing half-life, immediacy index and citing half-life, and cited half-life and citing half-life.

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Tsay, My., Chen, Yl. Journals of general & internal medicine and surgery: An analysis and comparison of citation. Scientometrics 64, 17–30 (2005).

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