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Revisiting Model-Based Learning

Mark J. Lattery (2017) Deep Learning in Introductory Physics: Exploratory Studies Of Model-Based Reasoning. Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC. ISBN: 9781681236292, 286 Pages, $85.99, (Hardcover)
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Book Review

“How do students learn in a model-centered classroom? What does deep learning in physics mean in this environment?” (p. 247) These are the questions Mark Lattery sets himself to answer in this methodical, careful study of the pedagogical implications of our understanding of model-based science, particularly here in the context of secondary physics education. These questions are central to long-standing and ongoing debates both about the nature and conditions of model-based learning and about the role of models in theory change and conceptual change. On the education side, simply put, the debate is between a coherence view (represented by Stella Vosniadou) and a fragmentation view (represented by Andrea diSessa) of science learning. The former view holds that, for students, learning, much like theory change for scientists, consists in conceptual change. The latter view holds that students only have a fragmented understanding and that conceptual understanding comes at the end of a...


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