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Human Nature from Multiple Perspectives

Tibayrenc, M., Ayala, F. J. (Eds.). (2017). On human nature: biology, psychology, ethics, politics, and religion. San Diego: Academic Press, ISBN: 9780124201903, 814 pages, 129.95 USD (hardback)
  • Kostas Kampourakis
Book Review

“On human nature”—what does this phrase make one think? A biologist might think about human evolution, a psychologist might think about human behavior, a philosopher might think about morality, and so on. Human nature is such a rich and complex topic that there are several different ways to approach it, and each one of these usually covers a different facet. Apparently, it is impossible for a single person to be familiar with research and work on domains as different as biology, philosophy, and psychology. However, it is at the same time useful to have insights from other fields, outside the limits of one’s modest area of expertise. But is it possible to bring such a variety of different views together?

The book On Human Nature: Biology, Psychology, Ethics, Politics, and Religion, edited by Michel Tibayrenc and Francisco Ayala, is a concrete example that this is indeed possible. The editors of this book have managed to bring together an amazing variety of scholars: geneticists,...


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