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What Makes a Life Worth Living? An Essay in Honor of Michael Matthews

  • Gerald Holton

It is again time to attend to the fundamentals. Both science and education in the United States and elsewhere are widely demeaned and underfunded, as are other cultural activities, products, and standards. More and more, “success” is being measured merely in terms of profits. Against that dark picture, leaders toward positive and energizing goals are especially treasured. And happily for many of us, one of these is our Michael Matthews, extraordinary scholar, editor, and statesman.

It is very tempting to elaborate at this point on his specific accomplishments, especially on his championing eloquently the view that science and education are not only interlinked from beginning to end, but are both at the heart of modern civilization. A constant aim has been to bring together the communities of science education and historian/philosophers of science. In this he has been extremely successful: he has been the Editor-in-Chief of Science & Educationfor 25 years; he has written the...


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